Curiouser & Curiouser – 2.5″ Design Roll (PF Supersized)


Exclusively for Petting Fabric.
This Supersized 2.5″ Design Roll is an exclusive product made by Petting Fabric featuring the new Tula Pink Curiouser and Curiouser collection for Free Spirit Fabrics. Curiouser and Curiouser features a total of 25 detailed prints, and our design roll is Supersized to 50 strips of fabric (2 strips of every fabric) in full, vibrant color.


Fabric Bundle Details:

  • Bundle Size: 2.5″ Design Roll (supersized)
  • Total Number of Fabrics Strips: 50 (2 strips of each fabric)
  • Total Number of Fabrics: 25
  • Bundle Type: Complete Collection
  • Fabric Type: 100 % Cotton


About the Designer

  • Designer: Tula Pink Fabric
  • Fabric Collection: Curiouser and Curiouser
  • Manufacturer: FreeSpirit Fabrics
  • Release Date: April 2021


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Expected ship date April 2021. Backordered items will be processed in the second shipping wave in June 2021.


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“Little Alice fell down the hole, bumped her head and bruised her soul” —Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland Alice in Wonderland.

A story does not endure for 155 years without capturing the imagination of generations. It begs us to question everything we know, throw away our assumptions and succumb to nonsense. The loosest grip on reality wins!


This collection focuses on some of the most memorable themes and characters from the story. Our two main characters for the collection are Alice, of course, and the Red Queen. Alice sits in a sweet wreath of daisies with her cat Dinah on her shoulder. In the background are the white rabbits poised to lead Alice down the rabbit hole.