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The Tempered Glass Add-on is 10 time harder than regular glass. It has advantages over our standard self-healing PVC mat… It is completely stain proof! Cutting, tracing, ironing seams, inks and most glues either wash off or razor off with a flat razor-blade. You can cut on it without marking up the surface. It perfectly complements the Glow system when you need a harder, (stain-proof) surface than the standard self-healing mat.


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  • This tempered glass is 20 times harder than regular glass
  • It is impervious to heat with small irons, paints, inks and glues
  • What doesn’t wash off will easily scrape off with a razor-blade
  • The soft rubber feet will keep it stable on any surface
  • The grid is designed for all your quilting and crafting needs

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Weight 16.0 oz

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