2024 Retreat Attendee Questionnaire

Please take a moment to complete the attendee information form provided. We’re thrilled to be hosting this event and eagerly anticipate the arrival of April! If there’s anything specific you need or would like us to know to make your experience extra special, please don’t hesitate to inform us on this form.


About the gift exchange: We strongly encourage joining in! It makes the event more enjoyable for everyone and creates a great bonding experience. Just fill out the questionnaire to help your secret quilter know your preferences. We’ll swap gifts together on the first morning, starting our event with laughter and fun!


Gift Swap Guidelines:
– Please ensure the value of your gift remains under $20.
– By Thursday of this week, Georgina will provide you with the identity of your ‘secret assigned quilter.’
– You’re welcome to either purchase or create any gift you desire.
– Remember, it’s a secret! Please refrain from informing your assigned quilter that you are their secret friend.

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