EPP 101

English Paper Piecing, sometimes refered to as EPP, is a form of quilt-making that uses a variety of fabrics and templates, to create a mosaic-style design. Fabrics are cut larger than the finished size, and placed around templates that are cut to the finished size. Fabrics may be stitched, glued or ironed around the template, with the seam allowances turned to the back of the template. Depending on the technique used the templates may be paper or made from template plastic. The prepared fabric pieces are then stitched to each other to create the design. They may be whip-stitched or stitched from the back–in either case, each piece is stitched to those around it. When paper templates are used they are removed along with any basting stitches.

EPP Recordings and Resources

A Beginner’s Guide to EPP (Part 1)

with Georgina Lewis


Access free Kaleidoscope pattern below.
 basic Sue Daley video below.

* Stop at 12:00:00 minute mark! that is all we are doing for this week 🙂
* Remember she promotes all of her products. There are many products in the industry today.
* When she references putting “glue on the paper” she does not go “fabric to paper to fabric”. I learned the “fabric to paper to fabric” tip from Tula Pink and found it to be better for beginners!
* Tula recommends Tulip #10 Big Eyes because they last longer and don’t break as often.  The Petting Fabric Team also recommends the Kaffe Milliner needles. Needles will wear after sewing a lot.
* Sue Daley’s Pink turn table is awesome.

English Paper Piecing Tutorial

with Sue Daley

Free EPP Pattern

Download the Kaleidoscope pattern

A Beginner’s Guide to EPP (Part 2)

with Georgina Lewis


Watch the Tula Pink Basic Sewing video here (starts at 9:00 minutes).

A Beginner’s Guide to EPP (Part 3)

with Georgina Lewis


Watch the Tula Pink Basic Sewing video here (starts at 13:00 minutes).

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