Fussy Cutting Viewers Collection 1 by Sharon Burgess of Lilabelle Lane Creations


This pack includes 10 Fussy Cutting viewers printed on cardboard.

– 3/4in Hexagon
– 1in Hexagon
– 1-1/4in Hexagon
– 1in 6-Point Star
– 2in 6-Point Star
– 1in Jewel
– 1in Inverted Jewel
– 2in Jewel
– 2in Inverted Jewel
– 5-Point Star for La Passacaglia

Cut around the outer most triangle with your scissors or rotary cutter. Cut out the inner shaded area with an exacto knife or similar. Designed By Lilabelle Lane Creations


Use: Cutting Mirror
Size: Assorted
Included: Ten Viewers



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