Tula Pink Woven Radiance Quilt in True Colors Kit


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Pattern Details:

  • Designer: Stacey Day
  • Tula Pink Woven Radiance Quilt Kit featuring Tula Pink Homemade and True Colors
  • Approx Finished Quilt Size: 77″ x 95″
  • Pattern Technique: Foundation Piecing



  • Quilt Top: Includes All Required Fabric (see detailed fabric listing below)
  • Binding: Included (Tent Stripe Orchid – PWTP069.ORCHID)
  • Fabric: 100% Cotton and 44″ Wide Manufactured by Free Spirit Fabrics
  • Backing: Is NOT Included May Be Added To Your Cart



  • A Printed Pattern Guide is Included With Your Purchase



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Fabric included:
Imaginarium Daydream-PWTP127.DAYDREAM
Imaginarium Frolic-PWTP127.FROLIC
Gate Keeper Daydream PWTP128 .DAYDREAM
Blind Faith Daydream PWTP129.DAYDREAM
Blind Faith CottonCandy PWTP129.COTTONCANDY
Enlightment Daydream PWTP130.DAYDREAM
Enlightment CottonCandy PWTP130.COTTONCANDY
Enlightment Frolic PWTP130.FROLIC
Serenity Daydream PWTP131.DAYDREAM
Serenity CottonCandy PWTP131.COTTONCANDY
Serenity Frolic PWTP131.FROLIC
Delight CottonCandy PWTP132.COTTONCANDY
Delight Frolic PWTP132.FROLIC
Fairy Dust CottonCandy PWTP133.COTTONCANDY
Tula Solids Taffy CSFSESS.TAFFY
Tula Solids Persimmon CSFSESS.PERSI
Tula Solids Limeade CSFSESS.LIMEA
Tula Solids Cricket CSFSESS.CRICK
Tula Solids Seabreeze CSFSESS.SEABR
Tula Solids Aegean CSFSESS.AEGEA
Tula Solids Cosmo CSFSESS.COSMO
Tula Solids Sweet Pea CSFSESS.SWEET
Tent Stripe Petunia PWTP069.PETUN

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