Check out our daily recap of Petting Fabric’s 2022 Advent Calendar projects,

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DAY 22

Sewing Gauge with Triangle Tailor’s Chalk


Mark and measure hems, pleats, tucks and more with this sewing gauge. This gauge has a sliding marker that stays in place for repeated markings. You can draw circles, scallops and other such patterns on fabrics using this sewing gauge.

Triangle Tailor Chalk is a solid block of chalk. The triangular shape makes it easy to hold and mark with.

DAY 23

Mediheal Collagen Essential Lifting & Firming Mask


Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles Treatments

This super-conditioning face mask proves that age is just a number. Aging skin no more! Achieve a youthful, glowing skin with our Korean Collagen infused Sheet Mask.

DERMORA brings both men and women the ultimate, luxurious under eye patches treatment for the delicate skin around your eyes to make you appear wide awake and refreshed even when lack of sleep is telling you otherwise.

DAY 24

Stabilizer Bands by Nifty Notions

Keep your interfacing and stabilizer collection organized with these handy slap band labels.

DAY 25

DoobALue’s Pincushion/Sewing Boxes

DoobALue’s Pincushion/Sewing Boxes are handmade with love from start to finish with the hope of bringing a smile to your day ♥️

DAY 18

MagnaFingers Pick-up/Release

MagnaFingers is a magnetic pick-up tool for pins and needles that easily releases items so you don’t hurt your fingers!


Strong Pick-up: Grabs items even in carpet, even things you can’t see, using the strongest level of ceramic magnet. Strong Hold, holds over 100 straight pins. Easy release, releases so that you don’t hurt your fingers on sharp pins and needles.


Multi-use, also good for paperclips and staples, fish hooks, lost screws, and more.

DAY 19

Rainbow Thimble Craft Container

Thimble Craft Container is perfect for organizing your quilting notions and accessories. It is made of 100% ceramic for durability and painted gold for a modern chic aesthetic.

DAY 20

Point 2 Point Turning Tool

The Point 2 Point Turner is a true multi-function tool that performs all of those functions extremely well.


Two points are available, one at either end of the tool. One is a sharp point that is perfect for tight, limited spaces like collar points. The other point is on the edge of the spatula shaped end. This is ideal for points with a little more access to approach the point from the side, pushing with the grain of the fabric.

DAY 21

Giucy Giuce Needle Minder

Never lose your needle, create unnecessary holes or get a rust stain from needles left in your needlework. These magnetic needle minders will always keep track of them. To use, simply slide the two magnets apart, place the top of your minder on the front of your project and place the second magnet underneath your project. The needle will stick to the needle minder, so you always know where it is.

DAY 14

Chacopen Pink Air Erasable Dual Tip Pen


Marking will disappear automatically (within a couple of days) or by using the convenient eraser.

DAY 15

Fusible Bias Tape Maker


Fusible Bias Tape Web

Clover Fusible Bias Tape Maker is suitable for heat sensitive adhesive tape. Make bias tape from any material you like. Simply combine your fabric type of your choice with Fusible Web and iron on.

Clover Fusible Web is easily applied using only an iron. Useful for making bias tape strips, applique, and more! Make bias tape from any material you like.

DAY 16

Wonderfil Mystery Blind Box

The perfect combination of threads to do a variety of projects, such as piecing a quilt, doing some machine embroidery, or making your project pop with some decorative stitches. Inside, you’ll get 2 machine embroidery patterns to make a freestanding lace project using the threads in your pack: a beautiful candle holder and an ornament ball.

DAY 17

Ornament Frame

Display a wonderful 2022 quilt memory of your favorite quilt made this year with this lovely ornament frame. Sare it on Facebook so we can all see and then Hang it on your Christmas tree 🎄 💕

DAY 11

✨Nifty Notions✨

Beeswax Thread Conditioner & Holder

Strengthens threads and reduces tangling when stitching. Place thread into notched opening and pull thread through beeswax to coat thread evenly.

DAY 12


Iron Buddy (Silicone)

The Iron Buddy is a must-have for sewists and quilters! Ensure that your pieces are perfectly pressed and never scorched with this simple silicone tool!

Like this item? Available for purchase is the 6 piece set. (see below)


Silicon Iron Buddy 6 Piece Set

This 6 piece set of Martelli Iron Buddies is designed to make ironing on or in difficult areas much easier. Let the Martelli Iron Buddy hold the material in place no matter the size and iron away.

DAY 13

✨Gypsy Quilter✨

Scrap Tape

The best thing about scrap tape is that it stabilizes the grain line-making all your scraps usable and your strips nice and straight. Make unique 2.5 inch strips using fabric scraps. Construct with a stitch and flip method, then trim to size. Scrap Tape washes away with water. Use for sashing, binding or any project that uses 2.5 inch strips. It also makes a really cute ribbon for gift wrap! 25 yards long.


Water Soluble Glue Sticks


 Nifty Notions two pack of glue sticks. Color will fade as it dries. Washes out completely. Acid free, non-toxic.


The Gypsy Quilter Spool Huggers

Keep your thread spools from unwinding. Made of rubber that adjust to any spool diameter.

DAY 10



‘Meet the Eye Candy Quilters

Anneliese and Brenda, the dynamic mother-daughter duo.


2022 has been a great year for this duo. They have released three new collections Oracle (currently being distributed in our Modern Club pack), Dottir a great blender, and Astrologika sold here in our shop. There is nothing more exciting than starting a journey with fabric designers right from the get go!


Tilda Fabric

Tilda is a fabric brand founded by Norwegian designer Tone Finnanger in 1999, best known for whimsical naive characters and charming fabric design.


There is a certain attitude to life in Tilda’s world, whimsical and romantic, like a ball gown worn with wellies – perfectly imperfect!


Check out all our new Tilda fabric bundles and monthly fabric club at the link below!


Tenderness Pincushion Pattern by Lilabelle Lane Creations

The Tenderness Pincushion pattern is from Sharon Burgess of Lilabelle Lane Creations.


Join us in making this pretty pincushion for the sewing table or a gift for a friend you cannot go wrong with this sweet project. Finishing at approx. 8” it is the perfect size to showcase your favorite fabrics.


The Tenderness flower is English Paper Pieced then appliqued onto your chosen background fabric and then a quick finish is achieved at your sewing machine.


Perfect pattern for your new Tilda Fat Quarter from Day 6 of the Advent Calendar!



‘Deck the Halls Christmas Stocking’ pattern is from Sharon Burgess of Lilabelle Lane Creations.


This fun and quick make that finishes at a very cute 6’ tall and 4.5” wide. A perfect little stocking for the tree or to enhance the table décor during your festive celebrations, adorn gifts for love ones or why not make a few and turn them into a cute garland or an Advent Countdown calendar.


Fill your finished stocking with fun little trinkets, treats or use as a gift bag for small purchases like jewelry or slide a Gift Card inside. Grab your favourite festive prints or dive into the stash, have fun and enjoy.


Pin Place Scissor Spot Magnet

Scissor Spot™/Pin Place™ magnet holds your scissors securely with the handles ready to grab!


This powerful little holder is strong enough to anchor thread scissors easily or even full size cutting shears. Scissor Spot™/Pin Place is a convenient way to stay orderly as you sew.


The Gypsy Quilter Stuck On You Grip Hearts

Ruler slipping got you down? Not anymore!


Simply apply The Gypsy Quilter Stuck on You Grip Hearts to the underside of your ruler- and slip no more! Feel the love with every heart shaped grip dot!


Seam Fix Seam Ripper

A double-sided seam ripper. Includes a small & large blade ripper on opposite ends. Rubbery tip on each end for erasing threads away from fabric.

You can never have enough GOOD seam rippers! It’s like eyeglass readers, you need one in every room!


This NEW Product by Nifty Notions called the ‘Seam Fix Seam Ripper’ is a great. It’s A double-sided seam ripper. Includes a small & large blade ripper on opposite ends. Rubbery tip on each end for erasing threads away from fabric.


Another of Georgina’s favorite is the “Magic 2 in 1 Retractable Seam Ripper”. The Tailor-Mate Seam Ripper features an ergonomic handle (allowing for less injuries) and two retractable blades; one large and one small. Slide the button up or down to engage the seam rippers. This retractable seam ripper is perfect for sewist on!

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Pixelflake Pattern
by Stacey Day


To kick off our advent calendar I thought there it would be great to feature one of our 2023 Spring Retreat teachers Ms. Stacey Day!


And I was over the moon when she offered us an exclusive quilt pattern. ❤️❤️❤️


The Pixelflake pattern is perfect for the holidays.. grab one from our website here

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