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Welcome Home Anna Maria Horner at Petting Fabric

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This collection draws on imaginative representations of favorite cities that feel like home to me. Florals are large and small, playful graphics have energy, and personal memories are made visually diverse and colorful to tell a story that I hope finds a happy home in your quilting and sewing.

-Anna Marie

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Anna Maria Horner

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Anna Maria’s Conservatory is a gathering of beautiful art from uniquely talented artists. Conservatory Craft is composed of Anna Maria Horner, Monika Forsberg of London, Arounna Khounnoraj (Bookhou) of Canada, Courtney Cerruti of San Francisco and Nathalie Lete of Paris.

Love Always, AM

by Anna Maria Horner

Made My Day

by Anna Maria Horner

Bright Eyes

by Anna Maria Horner

Welcome Home Anna Maria Horner at Petting Fabric

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